Apollo 11 and a Quarter Million Miles
Apollo 11 and a Quarter Million Miles
Congress is debating a lunar park when it should be talking about – and funding – the future of space exploration

peci on Monday, July 22, 2013  reviews [1]
Undoubtedly, the moon landing is one of the most celebrated events in human history. An estimated 600 million #television viewers around the world watched the Apollo 11 astronauts walking on the surface of the moon on 20 July 1969. Even for today's standards with easy access to broadcasting, I do not know any other event that could attract such a worldwide attention. Today marks the 44th #anniversary of moon landing and provides an opportunity to look at the renewed interest in space exploration from a different perspective including the efforts to redirect asteroids, mining them and going to mars. This occasion cannot go without a sad note. Neil Armstrong, the Apollo 11 commander and first human to walk on the moon, died last August. Despite the lingering criticism of the space program, we cannot abandon a future in space. The query, "is it worth the cost?" is simply a misguided perception when one looks at the fact that the money spent on space program is less than one percent of US federal spending since 1993.
alexa Well, the landing sites will need protection, as they're going to be the very first stop for souvenir hunters when the moon tourist business starts in a decade or two. However, the US does not have jurisdiction.
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